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I am an embedded software engineer. After spending several years in France working with Open wide for various customers on embedded Linux system designs as well as custom embedded software development, I moved to Seattle, WA and joined Adeneo Embedded in order to focus on Linux kernel adaptation and driver development. I am now back in Europe and started working for Google as a Site Reliability Engineer where I help maintaining one of the largest system in the world, with a strong focus on security.

My experience consists in helping companies, organizations or teams develop their products using Linux and teach them tools available in the open-source community. From time to time, I also deliver trainings on embedded Linux systems.

I am the author of HIBA (BSD licensed), a simple and secure mechanism for managing SSH authorizations, originally developped for Google and eventually open sourced. I am the author of libroxml (LGPL licensed), an XML parsing library targeting embedded systems which I have been developing since 2009. I also started cortex (GPL licensed), a crash report generator for embedded Linux devices.


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